Dallas Bankruptcy

We Have Successfully Discharged Millions in Debt for Clients

There are many individuals who are struggling with debt and the complications that it brings. Finding a debt relief solution can be very complicated and a stressful matter that must be handled carefully by a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy lawyer. At Reister Law Firm, our founding attorney has been practicing bankruptcy law for nearly a decade, and throughout that time, we have successfully assisted more than 1,000 clients and their families.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The lawyers at the Reister Law Firm believe that Chapter 7 is one of the best forms of debt relief for those who qualify. It provides immediate relief, is quick (relative to Chapter 13), and discharges most kinds of debts. There are pitfalls, however. A debtor needs to make sure they don’t lose any assets, and make sure they mitigate any risks from creditors or the U.S. Trustee. For these reasons, we believe it is wise to meet with a lawyer in person before making the decision to file Chapter 7.